Canadian Miniatures Kickstarter STL Set


Miss out on the Kickstarter? This bundle contains all of the STLs from the Canadian Miniatures Set Kickstarter Campaign

This is a downloadable digital product. It is available in .stl format. The download is packaged in a .zip archive, available immediately after order completion. By purchasing this model, you agree to our downloadable digital product terms and conditions.


Missed out on the Kickstarter?

This is a bundle of the entire set of STL files from the Canadian Miniatures Set Kickstarter campaign. It includes 24 STL files.

  • Inuksuit Golems
  • Mountie on a Moose
  • “Mark” the Inuk Bear Rider
  • Arctic warrior “Lenny”
  • Arctic warrior “Josiah”
  • Bear Sleigher “Margaret”
  • Polar Man-bear “Polaris”
  • Walrus Man “Rus Blubber”
  • Dire Beaver
  • Moose
  • Polar Bear
  • Lumberjack “Robert”
  • Lumberjack “Richard”
  • Goostafa the Gooseman Fighter
  • 2 Seal Models
  • Goose Hydra
  • Amautalik
  • 2 Sasquatches
  • Muskoxataur
  • Ice Wizard

If you prefer, you can purchase the files individually as they become available in the store.

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