The Pick of Destiny (.stl)


Unveil the mystique of rock’s greatest treasure with the Pick of Destiny, a legendary relic steeped in the lore of music’s forgotten realms. Crafted from the tooth of a defeated devil and whispered into existence by a wizard’s spell, this enchanted lute pick embodies the spirit of rebellion and the power of sonic sorcery. Passed secretly between musical luminaries over centuries, its true potential remains shrouded in mystery, awaiting the bold and the worthy to unleash its otherworldly prowess upon the stage of destiny. Dare to wield the Pick of Destiny, and let your melodies transcend mortal limitations.

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The Lore

In the depths of the Dark Ages, amidst the echoing cries of the damned and the clash of steel, a legend of rock was born from the fires of defiance. When a wizard’s reckless summoning unleashed the very essence of evil upon the world, it was a humble blacksmith who rose to challenge the infernal onslaught. With the clang of hammer against iron, he shattered the devil’s tooth, defying the darkness and earning the gratitude of a sorcerer steeped in the arcane arts.

In gratitude for his bravery, the wizard fashioned from the broken shard a pick like no other, imbued with the raw power of the abyss and the wild spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Forged in the crucible of chaos, the Pick of Destiny became a legendary tool of rock, the strings it touches vibrating with the pulse of defiance and the promise of glory. With each strum, its wielder could summon forth a cacophony of sound that shook the very foundations of reality, forging legends and defying fate itself. Thus, the blacksmith became not only a master of metal but also a herald of rock, his name echoing through the ages alongside the thunderous roar of the Pick of Destiny.

As centuries rolled by, the Pick of Destiny shifted hands like a secret melody, whispered only among the chosen few who understood its true power. From one musical virtuoso to the next, it journeyed, a clandestine relic weaving through the tapestry of time, its legend known only to those initiated into the mysteries of rock ‘n’ roll.

The Model

This 3D printable prop is available in .stl format in a .zip archive. We successfully test-printed it on a resin 3D-printer. We oriented it upside down and angled 30-45 degrees away from vertical such that all of the support material was on the back face of the model.

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