Mountie on a Moose (.stl)


A Mountie on a moose is a welcomed sight across much of fantasy Canada. They uphold the laws in order to keep our lands glorious and free. Any would-be criminals or rebels would be wise to keep a low profile when the Mounties ride into town.

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The Lore

Mounties maintain law and order by patrolling the realm. They are under oath to uphold the laws of this fine land and they strive to keep it glorious and free. When on duty, Mounties will lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Even when they’re off-duty, they will likely still help out because most of them are genuine, nice guys. The Mounties have standard-issue equipment bearing the symbol of the great maple. Furthermore, they are most always accompanied by a loyal moose. Both of these things make them easy to identify in an emergency. You can find The Mounties going about their business in all areas of Fantasy Canada.

The Model

This downloadable product is available in .stl file format. The files are packaged in a .zip archive. 

We successfully printed this model on a DLP-style resin printer. 

Animated rotation of a mountie on a moose model

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