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Welcome to Goodmire, a fantastical swamp town filled with lively activity. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Goodmire, featuring 3D-printable miniatures and terrain pieces that allow you to bring this unique world to life.

In Goodmire, you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters. For example, you might meet the dapper spoonbill, Dorothy Featherspoon, or the fierce dame gar, Gargaret Slivertooth. But the true magic of Goodmire lies in its setting – a small, lively swamp town full of hidden dangers and secrets waiting to be uncovered.

By backing our Kickstarter campaign, you’ll gain access to 25 resin-3D-printable STL files, including miniatures of the characters that await you in Goodmire, as well as terrain pieces for building your own modular shotgun houses. And with stretch goals that unlock even more miniatures and terrain pieces, you’ll expand your collection and create even more immersive adventures in the world of Goodmire.

Here’s what you can expect from our core set of STL files:


  • Dorothy Featherspoon, a spoonbill woman clutching her purse
  • Vergillius Hootsblown III, a sophisticated owl wearing a derby hat, suspenders, and a suit
  • Gargaret Slivertooth, a gar woman sipping wine
  • Lithobates Boghopper, a frog in his Sunday best
  • Old Softshell, The softshell turtle wearing a top hat, glasses, and holding a walking cane
  • Grandma Prawn, a crayfish woman in a dress holding a basket of slugs
  • Mayor Tubbs, a catfish man with a toothy grin (two alternative poses, one neutral and the other angry)
  • The Wet Log Hopping Band, a four-member band consisting of Mr. Sippy River, a gator on the tuba; Jeremiah Bullfrog, a frog on vocals; Amanita, a mushroom woman on the sax; and Dragon “The Fly” Quadroptera, a multi-talented dragonfly on the upright bass and violin (two poses available: One playing music, the other is a fighting stance holding two crossbows)

“The journey of a thousand leaps begins with a single hop.”

Lithobates Boghopper

Terrain pieces:

  • Modular shotgun house with mix and match pieces, including: 12 first floors, 12 second floors, 4 roofs, 3 walls, 4 porches, 4 windows, and 3 doors, 3 lamps
  • 12 1-inch bases for attaching the miniatures to.

Join us on this exciting journey and bring the world of Goodmire to life. Follow our pre-launch page on Kickstarter to be notified when we launch, currently scheduled for 11:59am, May 1, 2023. The swamp is waiting, and adventure awaits!

Early-bird Specials

Be sure to follow the pre-launch page or set a reminder in your calendar because for the first 24 hours only, we will be offering a ridiculously low super early-bird special of $3 (CAD). After that, we will offer a limited number of 40, $5 backer tier spots. Once those are gone, the normal price to back the project and receive the 60+ STLs outlined here will be $7.

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