Tabletop Forest Kickstarter STL Set


Miss out on the Kickstarter? This bundle contains all 27 of the STLs from the Tabletop Forest Kickstarter Campaign as well as the PDF guide to the tree models that was released as a little bonus treat to the original Kickstarter backers.

This is a downloadable digital product. The models are available in .stl format. The download is packaged in a .zip archive, available for download immediately after order completion. By purchasing this model, you agree to our downloadable digital product terms and conditions.

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Missed out on the Kickstarter?

This is a bundle of the entire set of STL files from the Tabletop Forest Kickstarter Campaign. It includes all 27 STL files and a small PDF guide to the models that were originally rewarded to backers of the Kickstarter Campaign.

The Models

  1. Sugar Maple
  2. Rough Bark
  3. Bare Patch
  4. Old Maple
  5. Algonquin
  6. Gnarly Oak
  7. Sycamore
  8. Branched Tree
  9. Cedar Stump
  10. Forked Tree
  11. La Selva Stump
  12. Twin Pine
  13. Tiny Hole
  14. Dead V
  15. Cracked Over
  16. Fallen Log
  17. Crown of Trunks
  18. Uprooted
  19. Decomposing Branches
  20. Decomposing Branches
  21. Cavernous
  22. Groomed Pine
  23. Subtle Twist
  24. Creased Bottom
  25. Skinny Tree
  26. Small Arms
  27. Fresh Cut

An essential element of scenery for fantasy tabletop adventuring games is trees. If you imagine traveling through the woods, you imagine a densely forested area with many trees covering the landscape. Other than the visible path ahead or behind, trees block the line-of-sight in all other directions.

Achieving the feel of a dense forest in a tabletop gaming scenario is typically difficult for several reasons:

  • Miniature trees typically block your view of your characters
  • Miniature trees get in the way of being able to move your characters
  • Miniature trees are not usually very realistic
  • Realistic tree models are a lot of work to make
  • Realistic tree models are often fragile
  • Realistic tree models take up a lot of storage space in order to prevent them from being broken

The Solution?

3D-printable scans from real world trees!

STL 4: “Old Maple”

STL 6: “Gnarly Oak”

We created 3D printable tree models by 3D-scanning the geometry from real-world tree trunks. By design, our models do not have the leafy parts of the trees so you can see your character models even if they are right next to a tree. Since the models lack the fragile leaf-parts of typical model trees, they can be conveniently stored together in a bin or drawer. The geometry is so tree-like, we’ve found that we get a very convincing representation of a tree without needing the leaves.

A comparison between a real tree and the digital recreation of the same tree.

With just a few of these realistic tree models, you can make an entire forest by printing the trees at different scales and scattering them randomly around the landscape.

The same tree model printed at 100% XY-scale on the left and 150% Scale on the right. Bigfoot for scale.

Easy to print

These models were designed to print easily, and many of them support free, on FDM-style printers. As with all of our files, we test-printed every one of them!

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