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What is Savi Minis?

Savi Minis is a small business based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada that designs 3D-printable models for tabletop games. Savi Minis was started in early 2021 by a two-brother duo, Lincoln and Caleb Savi. 

I'm Caleb!

Caleb Savi

Lincoln Savi

I'm Lincoln!

Broadly, my interests involve technology, biology, and making stuff. I also love learning new things. I bought my first 3D printer in 2017 when I learned how inexpensive the technology had become. Before long, I was making my own designs. My specialty is making biological models for my small business Savi Made, but one of the reasons I was excited to Start Savi Minis with my brother was to exercise some creativity and imagination when sculpting.