What is Savi Minis?

Savi Minis is a small business based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada that designs 3D-printable models for tabletop games. Savi Minis was started in early 2021 by a two-brother duo, Lincoln and Caleb Savi. 

I'm Caleb!

I enjoy living an active life style and in my spare time I like coming up with new fantasy miniatures. I am the creator of the “Canadian miniatures set” on Kickstarter, a project that I started working on shortly after I learned how to digitally sculpt (way back in 2018). What started as an idea for a Mountie riding a moose turned into an entire kickstarter campaign of miniatures, and now a small business. 

Moving forward, I’m excited to share more of my ideas for tabletop miniatures with you! 

Caleb Savi

Lincoln Savi

I'm Lincoln!

Broadly, my interests involve technology, biology, and making stuff. I also love learning new things. I bought my first 3D printer in 2017 when I learned how inexpensive the technology had become. Before long, I was making my own designs. My specialty is making biological models for my small business Savi Made, but one of the reasons I was excited to Start Savi Minis with my brother was to exercise some creativity and imagination when sculpting.