The Lore

The Muskoxataur has an unerring sense of direction, and is possibly the only creature that prefers to travel in blizzards. They are a peaceful race spending most of their time in search of fresh lands for grazing, but don’t underestimate them. Muskoxataur will defend their territory from unwanted intruders that attempt to settle within it. Before you set up camp, it would be wise to survey for signs of Muskoxataur. A good tip: they tend to leave characteristic piles of rocks at their territory boundaries as a warning to others.

The Model

This 3D printable miniature is available in .stl format in a .zip archive. We successfully test-printed it on a DLP-style 3D-printer. We originally released the model on Kickstarter as part of The Canadian Miniatures Set campaign, which was a great success.

Animated rotation of the Muskoxataur