Dire Beaver (.stl)


“The dire beaver is a ferocious beast. They can level entire forests within a single breeding season.”

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The Dire Beaver is a ferocious beast of gigantic proportions, and a highly capable landscape re-arranger. For example, A Dire Beaver can deforest several hundred acres of old-growth in as little as one breeding season. Additionally, their massive dams create horrible flooding problems for any sized settlement, from a village to a city. For these reasons, Dire Beavers often become a despised pest when they take up residence in an inconvenient location. Dire Beavers are extremely territorial. They will readily defend themselves and their space if disturbed.

This Dire Beaver model is part of our Canadian Fantasy Wilderness collection.

This 3D printable miniature is available in .stl format in a .zip archive. We successfully test-printed it on a DLP-style 3D-printer. We originally released the model on Kickstarter as part of The Canadian Miniatures Set campaign, which was a great success.

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