Goodmire Kickstarter Campaign Set



Missed out on the Kickstarter?

This is a bundle of the entire set of STL files from the Goodmire: a swamp adventure Kickstarter campaign. It includes all STLs that were originally rewarded to backers of the Kickstarter Campaign.

The Lore

Listen well, adventurers, for I bring you tidings of a land unlike any other. A land where the creatures are not what they seem, and the swamp holds secrets untold. Welcome to Goodmire, a fantasy town inspired by the landscapes of the old-timey deep south.

In this world, you’ll find no shortage of anthropomorphized creatures, each with their own unique story and personality. From Dorothy Featherspoon: a spoonbill in fine garb, to Gargaret Slivertooth: a dame gar with a fierce attitude, your party will encounter a diverse cast of characters unlike any other.

But the true magic of Goodmire lies in its setting. This small but lively swamp town is full of hidden dangers and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. As you and your party explore its twisting streets and dark alleys, you’ll encounter all manner of strange happenings. Perhaps a young crayfish woman has gone missing, or maybe the mayor, a catfish man named Tubbs, is concealing a dark secret. Whatever the case may be, it’s up to you to construct the adventure.

And what would Goodmire be without its unique architecture? Our 3D-printable modular shotgun house is a marvel to behold, with multiple versions of floors, roofs, walls, porches, windows, and doors. With your imagination and our STL files, you’ll be able to create a swamp town completely unique to you.

So gather your party, sharpen your swords, and prepare for adventure. The swamp is waiting, and Goodmire welcomes you. 

The Models

These 3D printable miniatures are available in .stl format in a .zip archive. We successfully test-printed most of them on a DLP-style 3D-printer. Except for the walls, porches, and roofs of the shotgun house; those we printed on an FDM printer. We originally released the model on Kickstarter as part of The Canadian Miniatures Set campaign, which was a great success.

This collection includes the following Miniatures:

  1. Dorothy Featherspoon
  2. Virgillius Hootsblown III
  3. Gargaret Slivertooth
  4. Lithobates Boghopper
  5. Grandma Prawn
  6. Old Soft Shell
  7. Mayor Tubbs (Standard Pose)
  8. Mayor Tubbs (Hidden Blade Pose)
  9. Jeremiah Bullfrog
  10. Mr. Sippy River
  11. Amanita
  12. Dragon “The Fly” Quadroptera (Playing Pose)
  13. Dragon  “The Fly” Quadroptera (Shootout Pose)
  14. Clint Marshmeister
  15. Hans Mistletoad
  16. Pablito the Swordsfrog
  17. El Lagarto
  18. Hootdini
  19. Lurk
  20. Loiter
  21. Evelyn Witherspoon
  22. Sir Cornelius Fangsley
  23. Sir Silas Ironscales
  24. Sir Phineas Jawsbane and his Loyal Slugsteed, Sluggard the Mighty
  25. Mycelius Fungineer
  26. Brewster Shellman
  27. Catoblepas

This collection includes the following scenery pieces:

  1. 12 Textured bases (in 1inch and 1.5inch size options)
  2. 4 Shotgun house roofs
  3. 3 Shotgun house walls
  4. 12 first floors for the shotgun house
  5. 12 second floors for the shotgun house
  6. 4 foundations for the shotgun house
  7. 4 porches for the shotgun house
  8. 4 porch roofs for the shotgun house
  9. 4 windows for the shotgun house
  10. 3 doors for the shotgun house
  11. 3 lamps
  12. 3 Large boardwalk variants
  13. 2 Small boardwalk variants