Inuksuit Golems (3 piece set of .stl’s)


The Inuksuit are guardians to the people of the far north. They will help a lost traveler through icy plains, but repel those who wish to harm their lands.

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The Lore

Inuksuit Golems (plural of inuksuk golem) hold a great deal of importance to the peoples of the far north. Some believe their ancestors inhabit these hulking constructs. Many tribes have lost the way of bringing inuksuit to life. However, a few tribes maintain the ability to animate inuksuk into golems and will do so as they see fit. The construction on one is no easy task. The stone selection process alone can take months. An inuksuk golem is bound to the tribe that constructed it and it will always protect those pure of heart. If an adventuring party finds themselves run down and stomped by an inuksuk, they probably did something to disturb the peace. If an Inuksuk golem loses its tribe, it may wander the arctic looking for a purpose, or it may sit idly like a regular inuksuk. 

The Models

This is a three-model set of .stl files. The files are packaged in a .zip archive. For your convenience, we’ve included both hollowed and un-hollowed versions of each of the models.

We successfully printed them on a DLP-style resin printer. We suspect they will also print well on an FDM filament printer too. 

"Running Inuksuk"
"Tall Inuksuk"
"Stomping Inuksuk"

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